DIY solutions to health problems
caused by digital technologies.


Center for Technological Pain produces a selection of DIY and Open Source objects to relieve pain caused by digital technologies such as smartphones and laptops. Among the prototypes it has developed are mechanical eye shields that reduce eye-strain, a headset to free the user’s hands, an insomnia-free box and various more or less absurd contraptions to relieve strained elbows and fingers. CTP also offers DIY manuals on how to build low-tech accessories from cheap materials.

#1. Glasses that prevent eye strain.

#2. Gloves that prevent friction in the fingertips.

#3. Headset with a stylus attached that prevents friction in the fingertips.

#4. Adjustable pillow that enforces proper posture.

#5. Handsfree headset to liberate the users hands.

#6. Elbow enforcers of proper placement.

#7. Elbow pads to reduce pressure.

#8. Elbow enforcers of proper placement (travel size).

#9. Elbow protection for the night.

#10. Insomnia-free box.

#11. Tranquility cube.

#12. Headset to reduce eye dryness.