CTP hosts workshop in various educational, artistic and cultural environment to empower and educate people of all ages on taking care of their bodies.

#1. Workshop "Inspecting Gadgets" @ Parsons Paris.

A unique plan is dedicated for each workshop, this time the participants had to work on two problems - a physical and a psychological one. At the end, both groups developped DIY solutions to one or both of the problems.

The result was two devices that ended up solving both problems - the heating of the ear and depression and anxiety, that were both caused by portable phones.

#2. Workshop "Creation des Objets Contre Technodouleur" @ Le Cube.

For this workshop, we got to work with teenagers from 12 to 16 years old. The participants thought of personal technology-induced pain, as well as problems they have heard of from others. Then they had a 3 hour long session to create their own solutions to the problems they've selected. Below you see 2 versions of glasses to block blue-light emitted by screens.

Another participant created an "anti-sound" phone case that not only makes it almost impossible to talk on the phone, but also makes it really hard to carry the phone around in one's pocket.

Another example of the projects made is this automated shutter for one's webcamera. In order to use the webcam, one needs to press a button so that the shutter opens, but it automatically closes to protect one's identity online, as well as to remind one to take a break from the computer.

#3. Workshop "bienvenue dans la vie sans douleur !" @ Le Cube.

During this workshop, the participants were of all different ages and they had the chance to either create unique objects against tech pain based on their personal experiences or follow the instructions on objects previously created by CTP. The workshop lasted 4 hours and the participants were free to drop in and stay for as long as they wanted. Here are some examples of the objects created during the workshop.
Below is a recreation of the elbow enforcers of proper placement.

Here is an original object to protect & keep in place the feet of those who often sit behind the desk.

Here is a recreation of the hands free headset (in progress).

Here is a recreation of the headset to reduce eye dryness.

Here is a recreation of the gloves that prevent friction in the fingertips.

And finally an original object to move the smartphone away from one's head.